Monday, August 5, 2013

Let me see if I can fit you in

In college, we were surrounded by our closest friends. Friends that have picked us up from the pavement, dragged us to the library to make sure we understood some arcane chemical reaction, and who listened to us complain about anything and everything. These people made sure we got home ok, sent us distracting messages in class, and were the first ones we looked for when we got back from the breaks. We took pictures that looked like this:
Where for some reason we decided we all would dress the same and look like complete idiots,
Or when we needed to look good...
Or look like the Icelandic Curling team. 

Now we pretend to be grown ups. The distance between us has grown, so rather than eating meals together, we get together for weddings, and other large events. We don't look any different, but it is just longer in between times that we have seen each other.
I demand that someone get married every weekend. 
Or that it be new year's every...month. That would be acceptable. Weddings each weekend, and then we could celebrate new year's every month. 

But now most of have some form of a career, are married, and have actual priorities. We are either on different coasts (my fault), or in different parts of the world, so it makes it difficult to talk. We are not on gchat at the same time, and a phone call when I get done with work or coaching is too late for people three hours ahead. We make time to talk like this:

I don't have a real solution for this, other than I hope that this is not a natural progression of getting older, because so far, it sucks. The work, the bills, etc are not a problem. So everyone move out west.

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  1. i love this mostly because it reminds me of the amazing times we had in club 307 or whatever it was