Monday, April 22, 2013

Quality family time

So this past week, I saw this going up a hill:

Now, some things to notice about the bike and the riders-Full kit on the dad, which probably means he is pretty serious. Second, the girl in the middle is wearing pink crocs, which is awesome. Also, the dad has had a crank extender put on (not sure if that is the technical term for it), but obviously he is making an effort to get the daughter on the bike. The son is rocking the tie dye and the daughter has an awesome floral helmet.

Score on my awesomemeter? 9.23/10.

Now, about the dad. Time for a multiple choice test. Is he...:
A) Spending quality time with his kids
B) Getting some training in
C) Indoctrinating his kids at a young age
D) Crazy.

If you answered all of the above, then you would be correct.

But this draws a bigger question and implications for the kids-are they going to grow up to be cyclists? Why? Because of their early exposure? Because the dad pushed them into it? I know that a fair number of swimmers get burnt out from competing at an early age. That might happen to these kids. There are a ton of issues surrounding it. Hopefully they will fall in love with a sport/hobby and dominate.

In complete disregard of that last paragraph-when I get married, I expect to have four kids in four years, hopefully two sets of twins, so I can have my own relay team. I will train all of them to be breaststrokers, and once I have one, the rest will be given another stroke. In the words of Arnold, we will crush our enemies/other swim teams.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Also, this is how I feel when I have a day off from training.


  1. i love this. all of it.

  2. What if your future wife just popped out quadruplets in one go? Clearly this is the best option. And as a scientifically educated woman I have to admit I've had some pretty serious thoughts regarding breeding a super human.