Sunday, June 16, 2013

Open the box

Pandora, at times, is a remarkable program. Other times, it is a huge piece of junk (I am keeping it family friendly). I feel like at times, Pandora takes your recommendations (let's say you want to listen to the Beatles), and then throws it into a blender, and says "Oh you like the Beatles... let's see, Beatles, beats, Dre Beats headphones, let's play Dr. Dre!" And me, as the listener, turns off Pandora and goes back to my itunes library.

Occasionally, Pandora gets something right. I started a Macklemore station, and it has played, amazingly enough, a fair amount of Macklemore (if you haven't listened to Macklemore's album "The Heist", get out from whatever rock you are living under). But it has also played some guy named G-Eazy. Here is one of my favorite tracks: (Just FYI, some of the tracks below are not family friendly).

You should also check out Rebel, Lady Killers, and Mad

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