Monday, June 17, 2013

Three words

Three words can mean a lot. Howevever, an addition of other words can change the meaning of everything.

Example: I love you. One of the most important, consequential, difficult things to say. Add more words? I sort of love you. Changes everything. (In fact, the words "sort of" changes the meaning of everything-like "you're going to live...sort of")
This is taken from Demetri Martin:
He is adding words for comedic effect.

I feel like a lot of modern pop music is adding words to that particular phrase "I love you". Take for example this song:

Now, disregard the fact that Jason Derulo feels the need to exhale and inhale all over the mic as he sings. The song lyrics at the beginning seem to paint a picture of him falling in love-doing the little things together. Then the lyrics get progressively worse. 

But the part that really gets me is this line: "We'll be lovers fo sho". I understand the need to make lyrics rhyme, and keeping with the rhythm of a song, but I am putting my foot down. I usually like crappy pop music. However, I can not imagine a situation where I would say to the hypothetical woman that I am love with "we are lovers fo sho". And if I did, and the woman didn't immediately leave me, that should set off red flags.

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